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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  December 10, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities go to at 800-974-6006 tty/v. once you've got it, you get it. has the french multi-culturalism gone too far? "it's not about hate of other peoples. it's about loving other people and our land. and we fight for this." the goal was to become a melting pot with plenty of room for everyone... "in the space of a generation, you have a different people." "france is being colonized?" "yes." but is government leniency... turning france into a muslim nation? on the "700 club" club, monday at 3
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3 --ease cooutdown to christmas - we're giving away gifts 3 every day througg christtas eve a chance to choose a giff fromm uuder the stay tuned monday, decembee 10th 3 we have a school delay to tell and queen anne's county schools are openingg90 minutes late due to fogg 3 p3
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annoff duty baltimore county police officer is shot in overlea.investigators are calling the officer... the shooting.tom rodgers is here with more on the search for the gunman... he also has your other top storiessof the morning. good morning guys, we're told the officer is doing kay and released frrm the hhspptal. we now he's a patrol police are nnt rellasiig his na. name.the main focus this suspect who shot hii. investigators say it happened just afterr3 o'clcok sunday morninn.the ff-duuy officee of dale anddkenwwod avenues large group of eople.police say he stopped his car and aaked them to move so e could paas... ann that's when a man opened fire... hitting thh
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off-duty officer twice ....and sttnning this usuaaly quiet neighhorhood. (ááánats up full: "is the officee ok?" "the officer is fine.." "thank godd"ááá)(ms. ferguson/resident) it's aabit prighhening cause i've been in gunpoint. so, it's frightening to know that even it happens wwth officerss." they believe that invvstigators say that the incidenn was y believe random... and that thh officer was not targeted. penn state univvrrity will begin paying up... for the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. starting next weee... the university will make theefirst of 5 annuall...12--illion- dollar payments. that amount is roughly the annual surplus from penn state's athletic programss tte -c double-aa the sandusky scandal... . tte money wll go towards an eedowment to ccmbat child sex abuse and help victims. testimmny resumes at fort meade today... in theepre-&tria private brrdley manning. manning is accused of hanninn
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over classified documentssto the seerrttsharing website prison if convicted.the commanddr of the marine corps brig will he take thh he as responsible for how manning was held during his last three dismissed... claiming he was conditions during hii nine months of confinement. repair work for monument &pstteet is entering it's final phhses. public the storm drain... tunnel and othhrrutiiities are almost complete. all new piping and sewer lining was used to reppace the 120 year-old storm drain tuunel that collapsed back in july. 3 3
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sunday's loss against the redskinn....keeps the raaens from clinccing a spot in the pl. playoffs. the oss is frustrating oo so many levees, joel d. mith is live at paneraain towson with an reactiin and more from the players too... including why tte ravens couldn't ssop that two point onvesion... even though hey say, they knew it was coming. that's right guys.... letts go to the first time over!!! s thooght it was r-g-3 scrambllng.. .despaaately gets naaled by haloti na-ta and he's hurt...
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he tried to stty in the game for a few plays, then left in favor of nother rookie.... kirk cousins.... who eeecutess the rest of the comebackk!!but llt's talk about that two point convvrsion. many say it waa a gutsy calllby thee says they saw it coming!! - the denver broncos come to toon next week with a 9 game manning looking likeepayton eepected back for that ooe though guys.. and maybe terrell suggs as well.
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forgee holiday shopping..'s our countdown tt christmas.we're giviig away all hese gifts under our tree. the tree. a gift froo under - coming up... bells."the christtas light display... that's ssnched tt kristen chenworth: "last year we diddtte baby bioorn which was a big hit um there might be a sliggt upping the ante" antee aad fans are gearing up ffr tonight's americcn countryy awwrds.the surprise guest staa who might make an appearance... on're watching fox 45 good day [ male announcer mmercial t about getting fios;
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at 800-974-6006 tty/v. that's the biggest stars are gathering in las vegas toniggtt.. for the american country awaads.. this morning....ashley dvorkin gives us a neak peek at the grand event. eveet. many of country mussc's biggesttand brightest will be 3rd annual american countryy awards, live monday nighh in las vegas! uulike other shows, fans piik the winnerr, voting ffr their favvrites. bentley says: "country music fans, our ffns, they are just so involved in everything we do do to be a part of an award show where they get a chanceeto actually from home and have a say in who wins these things is awesome." and it's those fans dierks bentley keeps an eye oo while performing, so he's up says: "it'sscrazy you look out on the front row and you see your friends ssmm of them ake yyu laugh or there's a hero down there in te fronn row hat you're intimidateddto be singing in front of."
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chart topper luke bryan leads the niiht with 7 nods, a great way to round out he eer. bryan saas: "it's very none of this could beepossible withouttthe fans suporting me &pand making all these things pappen around me." the dynamic hostiin duo offkristin chenoweth and traceeadkins are back toorun the show they ay - time tookick things up a notchh hennweth says: "last yyar wwedid the baby biourn might be a slight upping the - ante there and we aaso might might make an appearancc, i'm just sayin". they'll put krrstin has already hies, llarned no one needs to leave empty handed. we caughtt up with her ii the official because in aaworld where e - - people work really hard thhy are willinggto give you something so ou can wheee and advertiseeit for them so it's like a nice give take. so it's nice. it's fun." expect a night full of puuchlines, appearancessfrom sooe aaericann idols, pllssmore big time
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performances like ady antebellum, jason aldean and rascal flatts set to gee fans off theii eet for ssme 2 step rockin.. ffnd out if winner as it all happens live monday on fox.ashley dvorkin, coming up... the fallout continues... after britain's royal the situation turned deedly... aad now saying. wiiners are on theephone... as - picking out their ggfts.stayy tuned to see what theyyare... and when you'll get your next phance to win. you're watchiiggfox 45 morning news.. ((break )) aal morning.
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from "ccrol of the bells".. to gaagnam style." style."now... a christmas lights display gets a littlee "dubstep" makeover. makeovee.dubstep nats &pnats- dubstep - posted to youtube- location s
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is unknnwn- 75-thousand hits p, 3 3 3
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3 3 3 mapgreensrpingbalt natl pike greensrpingmapmapbalt natl pike
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it's our countdown to christmas here t fox 45. 45.everyday from now thhough christmas eve.. we are giving &ppway giftt froo under our tre. our first winner isslynn from peery hall she chose a gift from under our she chose a giit halllynn from perry our first winner is our from under aree givinggawwy chrrstmas eve.. we now through everyday from phristmas here at countdown to it's ur countdown to christmas here at fox 45. througg are giving away gifts from under ur ree.our firsttwinner is hallshh choss a gift from under ouu tree to unwraa. (grren) (green)(green) (green)tree to unwrap. from under our she chose a gift hall llnn from perry hall she chose a gift from under our tree to unwrap. (green) (green)- royal farms 25.00 &pgift cards- purchaae anything froo food to gascourtesy: winner is miccelle from baltimore. (strip)
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pstripes) - the original christmas classics on blu ray- limited keepsaae edition- "frosty the snowman".. comin tootown" andd"frosty returns."courtesy: classic pedia- 19.99and if you didn't we're giving away more gifts as part of our countdown to up...ggup... it'' been 15 ears since his deatt... and nnw... an autopsy report for biggie smaals is fiially released. released..e'llltell you what it reveals... just minutes from now..ou're watching fox 45 good day baatimore.
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should we pair plaid with? with? to learn more log on to ffx baltimore dot com coming up...g? upp..onn lawmaker is going wwld... about a new show called "buckwild."what it's
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demmnding're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. 3 baltimore. fox 45 good day baltimore.
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oo 3 3 we have a school delly to ttll you about thhs morning.kent and queen anne'' county schools are opennng 90 minutes late due toofog.
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3 3& mapgreenspringlibertyy95map 3 map395libertygreenspringmap mapgreenspringliberty395mapp the two d-js responsible for a
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rankkcall to the duchess of a cambridge... are speakiig out for the first time. time.they've been facing backlash ever since the nuuse friday. was ound dead on - tom rodgers is here with more on this story... plus todayys other top stories.good morning,,tom. good morninn, patrice and show has since been shut o doww.... after a prank call suicide. oman's pparent the two d-js... who impersonated queen elizabeth the hospital llst ttesday. d - they say thhy regret whatt happpned. "the accents were terrible. it was designed toobe stupid. we far from the...the little at corgis bbrking in thee background. ww obviiusly i uppose thh joke was always on us not on anyyne else. it wasn't aaout trying to fool someone. we just assummd withh the voices we put on, we were
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going to get told off, nd that waa the gag -- innus." the hoax centered on prince william's wife... who was being treattd for acute morning ickness. 3 the ravens stilllhold first ppace in the a-f-c north... spot tooanother disappointtng nail-biting loss for the team. tth ravens had an 8-point &plead... nocking redskins quarterback r-g-3 out of the game with justtone minutee left... but somehow... itt over.with griffin out oo he game... ii comes redskins backup quarterbacc, kirk cousins... whh hits ierre garcon from 11 yards uu.skins tie the ame... and cousins runs it in. then in overtime... the ravens get the
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toss but cant do anythhng with ii.... punt... and.rookie riihard crawffrd returns it 4 yards... only punter sam koch ptops touchdown.the skins ruu a fewwplays and then rely on it to kaii forbbtt....who kicks the 34-yard field ggal... stunninn the ravens with a 31-to-28 loss. the steelers and benggls also ost... so the ravens remain 2 games up in the divisi. division. but this battle of stingss.. and joel d. smith is llve in towson at panera hhs morning to see how fans and players are recoveringgfrom &panother heart-breaker. 3 we areeof course talking about about the thhs game, talking end of this game, but for a
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stretch of this game, it felt like the ravens were in control. control.flacco was sharp early... ray rice tried to put it away.. should have gone for 2???fumble call reversed... still, ed reed tries to put it in perspective...
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3626 thhs is a seaaon ww're season. this battle of the redskins... the standings or us idn't move. he goes on to say, this was a battle for the beltway... put the ravens are ttinking about biggerrthings. playoff positioning.... denver in toww nexx week... -3 3
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fed-ex workers ill havv their hands fulllttday... &ppn what's expected to be the company's usiest shipping ddy of the esttmated 19 million packaaes will be sent almoot twice the number sent macy's is ggtting into hh holiday spirit... by extending its hourssthe department store chain aanounced it will be open for non-stop shopping the llst weekend befooe christmas. stores will open aa 7 a-m on friday december 21st... nd will stay open until a-m on
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coming p... pp...poo sensation, psy is &papologizing today... for a rant against the u-s. u-s.wwat he said about ourr &ptroops... and whyy're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 5)))- [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios;
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coming up... the best beer of the season. what you need to know... beeore your next holiday party. 3nats nats pnd singer adele is being fined... over the birth of her baby.the offense... that could cost her nearll 2-thousand'rr waaching fox 45 ((break 6))
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nn!nn!n!n!n! has the french multi-culturalism
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gone too far? "it's not about hate of other peoples. it's about loving other people and our land. and we fight for this." the goal was to become a melting pot with plenty of room for everyone... "in the space of a generation, you have a different people." "france is being colonized?" "yes." but is government leniency... turning france into a muslim nation? on the "700 club" club, monday at tis the season to be merry... and piik the right
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brew to celebbate.gordon biersch has all of this seesonssholiday brews.chris cashell from gordon biersch joins us his mooning with more.- what makes a good brew?- what shouldn't we drink in the winter? - what should we winter?we
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drink ii the winter?- what should we pair wiiterrbeers wwth? to learn more about beer pairing log on to fox baatimoreedot om slash &pmorningg cooing up... facing seeious backlash.the lawmaker ho wants it cut... and why. gangnam nats nattslus some fans are
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thinking twice... aaout their love of "gangnnm style." whatt rapper psy did years agg... that's causing outrage todayy you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 7 xoxo
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it's been 155years... but &pááinallyá... the aatopsy b-i-g has been released. released.the eport finds that rapper biggie smalls... whose
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peal name is christopher wallace... was shot 4 timee in &pa drive-by shooting in lls angeles. the fftal shottwas one to his right hip that hht &psevvral of is organs... including his heart.the 24-year-old rapper wasskillld back in 1997 while sitting ii a car. the shooter has neverr &pbeen capturee. youtube sensation,,psy is apologizing... for his anti-american sentiments he performance.the singer reportedly rapped about killing u-s troops... who had he even smashed a model what he said was a protest of the large deppoyment of american military to the south koreannpeninsula.psy released an apology through his publiccst... claiming it was a "deeply emotional reaction to of the overalllanti-war as part- sentiment... shared by others around the world attthat timm." a senator from west virginia is
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upcoming reality shhw "buckwild." democrat joe manchin calls the show a "travesty" that quote- plays to ugly, inaccurate stereetypes bout the people offwest virginia. thh show reportedly follows a grruu of friends in rural west virginia... who live by the motto "whatever happens, commenting onnthe ssnator's request. "buukwild" issset to premier in january. 3nats nats multi--rammy inner adele coold be facing a fine... after she repootedly failed to registerrher baby's birth with authoritiee.the singer gave birth to herrfirst child back on october 19tth but diin't file the proper paper work within the 42 days llgal deadline.she could now be ffcingg166hundredddollars pn fines. after weeks of "twilight" bond is backkon top. fice... -
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to he number one spott.. n - its fifth wweeend on the big ssreen. the movie took in 11-million-dollars.""ise of the uardians" rose to second place over the weekend... racking up 10-and-a-half million doolars at the box saaa:breaking dawn part 2" slipped two notches to number 3. poming up... a foggy starttto whht's to come all week?f'rr atching ffx 45 good day baltimore. speed camera ticket mistakes.
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getttng involved in the controversy. on fox 45 news at
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